January 1, 2018 This is the beginning of my journey into the unknown: the New Year’s resolution in action.  What you see (the site, that is!) and possibly hear afterwards (I just published a single) is the outcome of my longtime dream. I always wanted to be a musician, you see. Well…not always, there were times when I wanted to be a magician. You know the kind of magician that would fly around and turn himself into an alligator or something, not the kind of magician that fiddles with cards all day and then chains himself upside-down to a tree. Anyway, once I realized I can’t just fly in daytime and lie around under water during the night (do alligators even do that?) no matter how much I practiced, I had to ditch the dream, which, of course, was a long time ago. So what I’m trying to say in this incoherent and surprisingly long introductory message of mine is that this is my site, which I created for my music and for anyone who would be interested in hearing about the music, the process of creating it, me and my journey to musicdom (is that a real word? Let’s pretend it is!). As you already have perhaps noticed, this site is not the only thing that I ended up creating. I have also written, recorded, mixed and mastered a brand new song. The song is called Take Me Away. It’s written from the perspective of an abandoned dog (how cool is that, eh?). You can read all about the song here. So what is the deal with New Year’s resolution you ask? Well, my New Year’s resolution is to try my hardest to become a musician who gets paid enough to survive. In order to achieve this, I will keep a journal/blog and a video blog once a week. I know that that is definitely not enough, as there will be nothing to sell without the music! Hence, I will publish a new song every month. In addition to that, I will try to pitch my music to as many music bloggers as possible because as of now I have zero listeners. I haven’t told many people about my music because I want to start from point zero and see where I end up in one year. Without further ado, please subscribe and follow my journey into the unknown. Also, nothing would make me happier than you being among my first listeners on Spotify/iTunes/YouTube
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