Take Me Away
The Story behind the Song This song was a tricky one to finish as it was the first song I recorded, mixed and mastered all by myself on a more professional level without any previous experience in any of those fields. I have, however, recorded a demo version of this song before. I used my table mic, an electric guitar and a program called  Audacity back then. Needless to say, the recording was of low quality on so many levels. You can listen to the demo version of the song soon (a link will be added). It was recorded four years ago. Four is the magic number here because it took me four months to finish this song (because I was a total noob!). This song tells a story about an abandoned dog (a Spanish greyhound AKA galgo to be more precise) and is sung from the point of view of the dog. The Spanish  greyhounds are treated as commodities and are often abandoned in the streets.  Interestingly, there is a documentary in the making about this breed and you  can watch the trailer here. As a matter of fact, the cover of the song  (on the left, click to make it bigger) was taken from a frame in the trailer  (with permission, of course). The cover was done by lovely Iina Salminen. It is said on the site of the documentary project that Spanish greyhounds are the most mistreated dogs to date. I personally do not have any experience with this particular breed but I have heard grave and sad stories about the way they are treated once their owners have no use for them. I love dogs and I feel empathy for their suffering.  In fact, it is the suffering and loneliness that drives this particular song: I tried my best to convey the longing  an abandoned dog must feel. This is also reflected in the fairly simple lyrics of the song (under the single cover). As I said in the beginning, my inexperience caused me to invest much more time into the song than I initially intended to. I first planned to play the main parts of the song on the guitar but then decided against that because it didn’t sound as dramatic as the piano. The slide guitar parts I couldn’t do without, though, because they convey empty space and longing in the distressed mind of the dog, at least that’s how I intended them to sound. In addition to that, there is a part in the song in which slide guitars are figuratively speaking chasing cello parts (if you listen to the song on headphones or earplugs, you will hear slide guitar sound moving from one  ear to another as they follow the cello parts. This particular part is meant to mediate the dog chasing its tail. I’ve spent more hours on this song than I care to admit. The learning curve has been steep and unforgiving (I’m a self-taught musician and mixing and mastering  “engineer” (engineer is an overstatement, unfortunately)).  I worked five to ten hours a day on this piece of music, most of the time without any day offs. I’m not  complaining, though. I’m just trying to be transparent about the process. Indeed, there is nothing I would do rather than this.  The song is currently available on … and Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet, Shazam.
Take Me Away This place is where you left This place is where I wait Take me away Take me away I thought I served you well I thought you were my friend I need you I need you Take me away Take me away Take me away Written by © Max Starzeff ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2017-2018
© 2017-2018 Max Starzeff ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
          Released: December 26, 2017