Week 1 Zero subscribers, zero followers, zero listeners and after many hours, one song. This is my starting point. Week 1. I’ve worked 260 hours in December 2018 in order to get here. I started in August, though. And by December I already had 473 working hours under my belt. These hours reflect how steep a learning curve I had at the beginning. After all, I had to learn to record, mix, master and produce songs all by myself. Also, I didn’t know my way around any of the recording equipment I used. I did indeed ran into several problems. My computer refused to work at one time. Fixing it took me about 10 hours. As that wasn’t bad enough, my digital audio workstation (DAW), a program which I used for recording my song, suddenly disappointed me by informing me that I had too many tracks. I had no idea that the track count was restricted to such an extent (what an amateur I was!). Consequently, I had to move all my tracks (guitars, vocals, drums etc.) to another digital audio workstation and learn how to work there (Studio One). Despite all these hiccups I managed to finish the song and release it just in time for the 1 st  of January. Right now I’m tired and somewhat demotivated. After all these hours I’ve put into music I’m at point zero: no subscribers, no listeners. I still have a lot of work ahead of me because nobody knows about my music. Now I must use even more time to promote it on social media. On the other hand, Week 1 is just starting and I have plenty of time to promote the music before concentrating on the next song, which I plan to release in February. This website I built in under a week’s time looks surprisingly good, at least to me that is. It is, however, still under construction, I plan to create a commentary section, a mailing list and a store for my music, which would be sold in lossless audio format.  All in all, this is my plan for Week 1: promote my music to as many music bloggers as possible. vlog about Week 1, my studio and the new song. work more on the site  get first 100 subscribers on YouTube (help!?)
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