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Week 2 I’ll be honest with you. This is harder than I thought. Getting listeners that is. I’ve sent my song to over 30 blogs and got only 1 review. The majority of the bloggers decline to review my new song. Every time I log onto social media I’m met with a low number of followers/listeners and very few views. These numbers indicate how little my music interests people, which to me, is quite depressing. At this point I don’t know how long I’ll have the motivation to continue with my New Year’s Resolution of releasing one song each months and keeping a blog & vlog about it. I like making music, it’s the promotion I hate. I hate being a salesman. In a nutshell, promotion is getting appointments with gatekeepers who will either let you pass or will tell you to turn back. When one declines your music it’s very personal because it’s what I created alone and I alone am responsible for the way my songs are treated. The feelings that have been settling in me are those of inadequacy and inferiority: What I create is not enough it seems. I’ve heard somewhere that 1 % of musicians seem to sell 99% percent of music (don’t quote me on this, though!). Of course, many musicians will have to come to terms with own commonness and inferiority as a musician. I hope I won’t have to, but at this moment I’m almost prepared for it. This is not a sprint but a marathon, however, so I shouldn’t be discouraged just yet. If, however, my music will not earn me any money after one year, I will concentrate on something worthwhile. Maybe I’ll become a male prostitute… Just kidding! But I still don’t want to promote my music to my friends and everyone I know. I hate Facebook. This is the way I’ll go.  P.S.: I want to thank Rodrigo "Bola" Torres for writing an article about me in Spanish on his own initiative. That really motivated me to go on.